Volk Presmaren

Science + Fantasy is what I love. All the trappings of science with a healthy twist of fantasy thrown in. For some reason, having a portion of the story that does not have to be rational really intrigues me.

My first writing adventure was a motion picture script “Assault on Hell” but it had no luck in the Hollywood market. It was even going to have a video game designed for it as well… but that never happened either.

After my first novel, July 57th, it was requested that I write another version of the same story but as a straight science fiction tale. And so that version will be coming out shortly. And then the novel version of the above-mentioned script.

Other than that, I read a lot and dabble with other ideas for stories.

[Author of the novel July 57th (and its variant Just Another Dead Martian due in February 2013) available in digital and print formats, and author of the film script: Assault on Hell, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble among others.]

You can stay abreast of forthcoming titles at Martian Publishing’s website or facebook page.

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